Friday, 23 December 2016

Bike Shops in Edgware

Let’s this Trend in for 2017

I have never seen such a trend coming in the cycling industry to increase the number of cyclist in London for the New Year. All the cycling brands and bike shops in London providing best discounts ever they have offered from the last couple of years on New Year.

 We should show respect and love for the bicycles and must consider the needs of cyclist to give them more ease while choosing their desired bike. The racing cycle has a top position from many years in riders heart as it took very less time to take off this bike on road your desired speed. It gives high performance with a low ratio of paddling during a race or normal ride.

Sometimes I don’t know why people trying to focus on price instead of their need and comfort? It’s an obvious thing if you go for the structure, style and the specifications you loved will give you more satisfaction then a cheap bike, there is an old saying ‘’ Good Things are Not cheap and Cheap Thing is Not Good’’. 

One of my good friends told me about the situation of Bike Shops in Edgware that there has the latest trend begin on this new year by offering customers discount vouchers and open discount up to 60 %. So I wonder people went crazy for bikes and that is the way the bike stores showering pleasure on new and old riders. So I suggest everyone should go for their desired bikes and never missed this precious chance. 


Thursday, 15 December 2016

Edgeware Cycles Walk in Bicycle Repair Centre

Edgeware Cycles Walk in Bicycle Repair/Service Centre
we offer a complete workshop service from the smallest adjustment to major rebuilds. We are on hand to give you technical advice. We normally do repairs on the same day/next day and carry an extensive array of parts, tires, and wheels so we can repair and maintain most makes of cycles. We can also offer you a courtesy bike should you need one while your repairs are being carried out (Subject to availability).

Our 99% of repairs & services are completed within the same day. We will inform you if the work needs to take any longer. Our workshops get very busy but we try to do every possible repair on the same day and normally don’t charge any extra charges for this. We reserve the right to book in the bicycles during busy periods. Every cyclist should be aware that a bicycle is just like any other machine - in order to make it work efficiently it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. At Edgware Cycles, we employ qualified mechanics trained to the highest national level for cycle maintenance (NVQ / Cytech) so you can be assured that your bike is being in expert hands. Currently, we are offering the following three levels of services

Standard Service :

Frame & Forks checked for alignment bearings including headset, bottom bracket and pedals checked for free movement and adjusted externally as necessary(Any work required on the bottom bracket or headset requires higher service level)All bolts & fasteners checked and tightened to correct torqueBrakes and gears tuned/adjusted and serviced (Change of cables and brake pads requires higher service level)Chain, Derailleurs & Cables lubricationWheel checked for damage and wear get reported( To true wheels requires higher serviceTires inspected for wear and tear and inflated to correct pressure( Change of tires or inner tubes require higher service level)Bicycle MOT 32 Point Safety Checks    

General Service :

Everything from Service A plus Frame & Forks wiped down Brake blocks/disc pads and cables checked and replaced if required Both Wheel True Change of Tyres or inner tubes if required 

Full Service :

Everything from Service B plus Bottom Bracket checked for wear, removed, then refitted with fresh grease or replaced if necessary Headset removed, cleaned, inspected, then refitted with fresh grease, or replaced if necessary Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected, then rebuilt with fresh grease, refitted & checked for play Drive train cleaned & checked for wear, then re-lubricated & refitted with fresh cables and housings as necessary Replacement of any other worn parts if required Professional cleaning of bicycle

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Best Cyclist of London

What if belief in you is more worthy than anything else?

I consider cycling as my most loved hobby and this is now essential to me. It can be considered as my past time however I do cycling to make my body sound and healthy. I mostly spend around 2-3 hours for cycling in a day and this empowers me a considerable measure and vitalizes my whole body while nourishing my capabilities of thinking.

The more you do for what you like will be resultant more positive outcomes in your performance while you on with family and friends. There is always a reason behind your passion for the hobby you do most and even though I am also one of them and the personality by whom I inspired to become a social cyclist is Lance Armstrong who is my still hero and ideal. This helpful identity has really built up my enthusiasm for cycling and it is a result of him that I can without much of a stretch overcome my own difficulties through cycling.

Along with my above views for cycling, I believe that with a specific end goal to enhance your reflexes and to enhance the focus level each an individual ought to draw in himself/herself in specific exercises. I cherish games and I am particularly intrigued by cycling that is the reason why I give increasingly time to cycling. In spite of the fact that I am not an expert of this field nor I am occupied with turning into an expert however I trust that since it helps me to beat my own weights and my issues that are the motivation behind why I am giving a strong measure of time to this hobby but I suggest to those parents who believe in their kids then just add up a routine of Bicycling in their kids daily life  which I assure you will work out for sure  . In a comparable way, one might say that my reviews won't be influenced by this and I trust that this diversion will help me a great deal in focusing on my beliefs and I can create great outcomes in light of this.